CSIS Briefing Paper, Podcast Episode Examine How U.S. Leadership On Women’s Economic Empowerment Could Strengthen Investments In Women’s Health

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Women’s Economic Empowerment and Women’s Health Services: An Opportunity for U.S. Leadership
In this briefing paper, the first in a series of papers to be published under the CSIS Women’s Health Policy Forum, Janet Fleischman, senior associate at the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, discusses the links between women’s economic empowerment and health, and examines the opportunity for U.S. policy and leadership on the issue. Fleischman offers several policy recommendations that “would complement USAID’s Journey to Self-Reliance framework since women’s health and empowerment tie directly to the long-term economic stability necessary for countries to move toward self-reliance” (December 2018).

Center for Strategic & International Studies’ “Take As Directed”: Women’s Economic Empowerment and Access to Women’s Health Services
In this podcast, Fleischman speaks with Margaret Schuler, senior vice president of the International Programs Group at World Vision, and David Ray, vice president for policy and advocacy at CARE, about “how the current bipartisan momentum around economic empowerment for women provides an opportunity to strengthen linkages with U.S. investments in women’s global health, how such an approach fits with USAID’s ‘Journey to Self-Reliance’ framework, and the role of women’s groups and faith-based organizations in promoting access to both economic empowerment programs and women’s health services” (11/30).