Universal Flu Vaccine Research Should Include Exploration Of Innovative, Novel Approaches

USA TODAY: After deadly flu season we’re desperate for fresh thinking
Bruce Gellin, president of global immunization at the Sabin Vaccine Institute

“…[I]t is imperative, and urgent, that the world turn what has been a marathon into a sprint to create a universal influenza vaccine … Such a vaccine would offer broad, long-standing protective immunity not only against known seasonal strains but also pandemic strains that have yet to emerge. … [W]e must embrace fresh thinking and approaches. [Last] week, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Lucy and Larry Page announced a $12 million challenge that invites researchers from any discipline to submit innovative ideas for safe, effective, affordable flu vaccines. At the Sabin Vaccine Institute, we are working to invigorate influenza research by fostering innovative approaches from diverse disciplines to accelerate the development of a universal flu vaccine. We must explore novel and even revolutionary approaches to research, try things we have yet to imagine, and even invite innovators from outside our traditional research silos. … [W]e will only achieve a history-bending breakthrough by taking an unconventional path…” (4/27).