Editorial, Opinion Pieces Discuss Various Aspects Of COVID-19, Including Vaccine Development, Nationalism, Hesitancy; Market-Creating Innovations; Hospital Data Reporting

The Conversation: Coronavirus: how countries aim to get the vaccine first by cutting opaque supply deals
Duncan Matthews, professor of intellectual property law at Queen Mary University of London (7/27).

Devex: To help nations recover from COVID-19, jump-start development with market-creating innovations
Rich Alton, director of emerging research, and Efosa Ojomo, senior research fellow, both at the Christensen Institute (7/27).

STAT: Science alone cannot beat the pandemic. We also need outreach about a Covid-19 vaccine
Bill Frist, former Republican Senate majority leader from Tennessee, chair of the executive council of Cressey & Company, senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center, and co-chair of the center’s work on health innovation; Richard Pan, pediatrician representing Sacramento in the California State Senate and chair of the Senate Committee on Health; and Max G. Bronstein, founder of the Journal of Science Policy & Governance (7/27).

USA TODAY: We are worried that hospital COVID-19 data no longer goes to the apolitical CDC: Doctors
19 doctors and a nurse practitioner at Massachusetts General Hospital, all fellows with the OpEd Project (7/28).

Washington Post: Let’s throw the kitchen sink at covid-19 and get back to normal by October
Editorial Board (7/27).