Coronavirus Spreads To Africa; Some Asian Countries See Fewer Cases; Latin America Struggles To Contain Outbreak


Bloomberg: Virus Seen Killing 300,000 in Africa, Even With Interventions (Soto, 4/17).

New Humanitarian: Coronavirus exposes Africa’s oxygen problem (Zhu, 4/16).

POLITICO: Coronavirus ends China’s honeymoon in Africa (Marks, 4/16).


NPR: In Vietnam, There Have Been Fewer Than 300 COVID-19 Cases And No Deaths. Here’s Why (Sullivan, 4/16).

PRI: Rohingya women are traditionally kept out of leadership roles. Will the coronavirus change that? (Shenoy, 4/16).

Quartz: Why does India have so few Covid-19 cases and deaths? (Malani et al., 4/16).

Reuters: In Singapore, migrant coronavirus cases highlight containment weak link (Geddie et al., 4/15).

Reuters: China raises total coronavirus death toll to 4,632 after Wuhan data review (Liu/Stanway, 4/17).


Reuters: U.K. was too slow on coronavirus and 40,000 could die, professor says (Faulconbridge et al., 4/17).

Reuters: Europe coronavirus cases reach almost 1 million, coming weeks ‘critical’: WHO (Kelland, 4/16).


Foreign Policy: Bolsonaro Fires Brazil’s Health Minister as Infections Grow (Quinn, 4/17).

New York Times: To Beat the Virus, Colombia Tries Separating Men and Women (Turkewitz/González, 4/15).

Reuters: In run-down Caracas institute, Venezuela’s coronavirus testing falters (Berwick et al., 4/17).

Washington Post: Peru took early, aggressive measures against the coronavirus. It’s still suffering one of Latin America’s largest outbreaks (Tegel, 4/17).


The Guardian: Pandemic raises fears over welfare of domestic workers in Lebanon (Chulov, 4/16).

Reuters: Iran coronavirus death toll up as official warns of autumn rise in cases (Dehghanpisheh/Hafezi, 4/16).

Reuters: U.S. gives $5 million to Palestinians amid pandemic, after years of aid cuts (Ramallah/Ayyub, 4/16).

U.N. News: Yemen can’t survive war on two fronts, top U.N. envoy tells Security Council, as coronavirus outbreak looms (4/16).


The Lancet: COVID-19 exacerbating inequalities in the U.S. (van Dorn et al., 4/18).

STAT: Influential Covid-19 model uses flawed methods and shouldn’t guide U.S. policies, critics say (Begley/Branswell, 4/17).

STAT: Trump outlines ‘phases’ for reopening states once coronavirus cases begin to decline (Facher, 4/16).

Washington Post: Covid-19 is rapidly becoming America’s leading cause of death (Keating/Esteban, 4/16).