COVID-19, Locust Swarms Worsen Food Security In East Africa; Vietnam Sees Uptick In Cases; Europe Braces For Virus Resurgence; Democracy Threatened In Latin America Amid Pandemic; U.S. Death Toll Passes 150K


Reuters: Gambia VP tests positive for coronavirus, president self-isolating (Saine, 7/29).

Xinhua: Roundup: COVID-19, desert locust exacerbate food insecurity in E. Africa: U.N. (7/29).


AP: Asia Today: Masks mandatory as cases rise in Australia state (7/19).

AP: U.N. urges SE Asia to build back better from COVID-19 crisis (Peck, 7/30).

Bloomberg: Pandemic Advice Ignored by Trump Helps Vietnam Fight Virus (Boudreau/Nguyen, 7/29).

New York Times: Mysterious Coronavirus Outbreak Catches Vietnam by Surprise (Beech/Doan, 7/29).

Reuters: Vietnam brings 140 virus-hit workers home on rare rescue flight from Africa (Nguyen/Vu, 7/29).

The Telegraph: ‘We all suffer but the vulnerable suffer more’: treating Covid in the world’s largest refugee camp (Kelly-Linden, 7/29).

U.N. News: Asia-Pacific: ‘Call to action’ highlights role of family farmers amidst COVID-19 pandemic (7/29).

U.N. News: COVID-19: U.N. chief outlines path to sustainable, inclusive recovery in Southeast Asia (7/30).


Financial Times: Self-isolation for Covid-19 symptoms extended to 10 days across U.K. (Hughes/Neville, 7/30).

The Telegraph: Is a second wave beginning to sweep through Europe? (Newey et al., 7/30).


Al Jazeera: Chile lifts COVID-19 lockdown as Latin America still hardest-hit (Newman, 7/29).

AP: Guatemala burying dozens of unidentified COVID-19 dead (Pérez D., 7/29).

New York Times: Latin America Is Facing a ‘Decline of Democracy’ Under the Pandemic (Kurmanaev, 7/29).


AP: Pilgrims pray on peak day of hajj in shadow of coronavirus (Batrawy, 7/30).

CIDRAP News: Scaled-back hajj begins as Mideast sees signs of COVID-19 stabilization (Schnirring, 7/29).

PRI: Israel’s hurried school reopenings serve as a cautionary tale (Kauffman, 7/29).

Reuters: In Mecca, a fortunate few pray for a pandemic-free world (Rashad, 7/30).

Reuters: Pakistan’s de facto health minister resigns amid pandemic (Shahzad, 7/29).


AP: The Latest: U.S. death toll from coronavirus hit 150,000 (7/29).

New York Times: A Viral Epidemic Splintering Into Deadly Pieces (McNeil, 7/29).

New York Times: U.S. Surpasses 150,000 Coronavirus Deaths, Far Eclipsing Projections (Bogel-Burroughs, 7/29).