Countries Worldwide Facing Challenges In Containing Spread Of Coronavirus


AP: As virus spreads, Africa gets supplies from China’s Jack Ma (Meseret/Meldrum, 3/22).

NPR: African Countries Respond Quickly To Spread Of COVID-19 (Beaubien, 3/21).

Reuters: Tunisia allocates $850 million to combat effects of coronavirus (Amara, 3/21).

Reuters: Angola, Eritrea, Uganda confirm first cases as coronavirus spreads in Africa (Obulutsa, 3/21).


AP: Workers crowd trains for home as Indian cities close further (Schmall, 3/23).

Financial Times: How Singapore waged war on coronavirus (Palma, 3/22).

NPR: Southeast Asian Nations Tighten Restrictions To Help Contain Spread Of Coronavirus (Sullivan, 3/22).

Reuters: China sees drop in new coronavirus cases; all of them imported (Woo et al., 3/22).

Reuters: Indians breathe easier as lockdowns to halt coronavirus clear smog (Ulmer, 3/23).

Washington Post: A region in Japan launched its own coronavirus fight. It’s now called a ‘model’ in local action (Denyer/Kashiwagi, 3/22).


The Hill: Germany’s Merkel in quarantine after doctor tests positive for coronavirus (Conradis, 3/22).

POLITICO: Greece to go into coronavirus-induced lockdown (Stamouli, 3/22).

The Telegraph: U.K. infections soar by almost 1,000 in a day as retired doctors and nurses sign up to help NHS (Newey et al., 3/21).

The Telegraph: Why have so many coronavirus patients died in Italy? (Newey, 3/22).

Washington Post: As coronavirus surges, a frantic Europe scrambles for hospital beds, ventilators, supplies (Morris et al., 3/22).

Washington Post: Italy’s coronavirus death toll feeds fear of what lies ahead in Europe and the U.S. (Harris, 3/21).


Devex: Colombia’s imperfect potatoes find purpose at Venezuela border (Welsh, 3/23).

PRI: In Central America, efforts to slow spread of coronavirus could lead to ‘autocratic tendencies’ (Valencia, 3/20).


AP: Virus now in Gaza, Syria, raising fears in vulnerable areas (Akram et al., 3/22).