Counterterrorism Measures Must Stop Using Vaccination Teams As Covers

Foreign Policy: The Shots Heard Around the World
Laurie Garrett, journalist and senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations

“New shots are jeopardizing humanity’s battle to eradicate polio, and they don’t include syringes or vaccines. Rather, they’re the gunshots of Islamic terrorists. … The collective forces of global health are watching their efforts backtrack, thanks to warfare and to the growing belief within Islamist circles that the polio-eradication effort is a secret CIA plot, designed to harm or contaminate Muslim children. … As predicted, in 2012 several Taliban leaders and mullahs issued decrees, linking polio vaccination to U.S. military use of drones and accusing vaccinators of being CIA spies. They called for a jihad against immunizers. … In the end, polio will be eradicated when counterterrorism no longer includes fakery, and Islamists cease believing in jihad against health workers” (4/4).