Congress Should Provide Funding To Eliminate Malaria, As Response To Disease Remains ‘Centerpiece Of American Foreign Policy’

The Hill: Obama calls for an end to malaria
Josh Blumenfeld, managing director of policy & advocacy at Malaria No More

“…By issuing a call to action in his final State of the Union address, [President Obama] placed malaria elimination at the very top of the American political agenda … [George W.] Bush first established America as a global leader on malaria, and Obama is striving to set us on the path to end this dreadful disease. Two presidents with vastly divergent policies, both understand the power of achieving this important foreign policy and humanitarian goal. By providing the necessary funding, … Congress can continue to play a historic role in ensuring that fighting malaria remains a centerpiece of American foreign policy, and a legacy of bipartisanship — demonstrating the best of American politics” (2/4).