Colombian Health Officials Announce End Of Zika Epidemic As New Case Numbers Fall

The Guardian: Colombia declares end to Zika epidemic as spread of virus levels off
“Colombia has declared an end to its Zika epidemic with the spread of the virus leveling off in the country after infecting nearly 100,000 people — even as it continues to sweep through other areas of Latin America, and is keeping some athletes away from the Olympic Games in Brazil…” (Brodzinsky, 7/25).

New York Times: Colombia Declares End to the Zika Epidemic
“…The Zika virus, which causes an illness related to dengue and is spread by mosquitoes, has infected roughly 100,000 Colombians and is linked to more than 20 cases of microcephaly, a birth defect that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads…” (Casey, 7/25).

Reuters: Colombia declares end to Zika epidemic inside country
“Colombian health officials declared on Monday that the worst of a Zika outbreak in the Andean nation had passed just 10 months after its arrival, raising questions about how the virus is affecting parts of Latin America differently…” (Cobb, 7/25).

Washington Post: Colombia declares its Zika epidemic over
“…Colombian health officials say the number of new infections in their country is falling by more than 600 a week, meaning that the virus has moved into an ‘endemic’ phase in which it continues to circulate but is no longer spreading pervasively…” (Miroff, 7/25).