New Zika Strain Could Lead To Another Epidemic, Researchers Warn; Virus Harms Development Of Brain Collagen In Newborns

Rio Times: New Zika Virus Strain Circulating in Brazil May Lead to Epidemic, Study Says
“A new strain of the zika virus is in circulation in Brazil, according to researchers at the Center for the Integration of Data and Knowledge for Health (CIDACS), of Fiocruz Bahia. Through a tool that monitors the genetic sequences of the virus, scientists have for the first time detected an African strain with the potential to trigger a new epidemic in the country…” (Williams, 6/25).

SciDev.Net: Zika virus ‘harms baby brain collagen development’
“Zika virus can hamper vital collagen development in the brains of babies whose mothers were infected with the disease while pregnant, new research reveals, as the search for a vaccine continues. … In early 2015 Brazil experienced a Zika virus outbreak and six months later the association between Zika virus infection and microcephaly was reported, the World Health Organization says. Outbreaks and evidence of transmission have appeared throughout the Americas, Africa and other regions of the world. This year, Brazil’s Ministry of Health has been notified of more than 3500 probable Zika virus cases…” (Rodrigues, 6/25).