Collection Of Studies Examines Detrimental Effects Of Substandard, Counterfeit Malaria Drugs, Possible Solutions

Reuters: Substandard drugs, not fakes, undermine fight against malaria
“Poor quality drugs, not fake medicines, are the real threat in fight against malaria, causing deaths and increasing the risk of drug resistance, researchers said on Monday…” (Mis, 4/20).

VOA News: Fake, Substandard Medicines Pose Global Challenge
“Poor-quality medicines — including counterfeits and those with the incorrect dosage — are a ‘real and urgent threat’ to public health, according to a collection of 17 research papers published in [the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene]…” (Chimes, 4/20).

Washington Post: Why researchers say fake and low-quality drugs are a ‘global pandemic’
“…The articles, funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, detail various aspects of the long-standing problem of substandard drugs, as well as looking at potential solutions to reducing the harm they cause each year…” (Dennis, 4/20).