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Media Outlets Continue Coverage Of Chinese Vaccine Scandal

The Guardian: ‘They are devils’: China’s parents demand answers over vaccine scandal
“…[T]housands of parents across China have been scrambling for answers this week after revelations their children may have received faulty immunizations under a state-sponsored vaccine program, using products from Changsheng. The incident has sparked one of the country’s largest public outcries in years, one that officials and censors have struggled to contain…” (Kuo, 7/24).

NPR: Reports Suggest Children Throughout China Likely Injected With Faulty Vaccines
“…As NPR’s Rob Schmitz reports, it’s the latest in a long line of food and health scandals that has people questioning whether China’s government is looking out for their safety…” (Schmitz, 7/24).

Reuters: The unfolding of China’s Changsheng vaccine scandal
“Chinese vaccine maker Changsheng Bio-technology Co. Ltd., accused of fabricating production and inspection data, has become the subject of multiple probes — including investigations by police and the corruption watchdog…” (Jourdan, 7/24).