CGD, U.N. Dispatch Examine Potential Implications Of Draft Executive Order To Reduce U.S. Funding To International Organizations, U.N.

Center for Global Development’s “U.S. Development Policy/Views from the Center”: Cutting U.N. Funding Will Cost the U.S.
After the New York Times reported that the Trump administration is considering a new executive order titled “Auditing and Reducing the U.S. Funding of International Organizations,” Charles Kenny, senior fellow at CGD, discusses the potential implications of cutting U.S. funding to the U.N., writing, “The United Nations is a flawed organization but it is still effective, comparatively cheap, and an irreplaceable tool of U.S. foreign policy. Cutting funding to some of its most cost-effective elements would be a loss to American leadership, values, and security” (1/26).

U.N. Dispatch: A Draft Executive Order Takes Aim at the U.N. Here’s What’s Wrong With It
Mark Leon Goldberg, managing editor of U.N. Dispatch, discusses various issues with the draft executive order to reduce U.S. funding to international organizations. “The larger point, though, is that the U.N. is not an adversary of the USA. Rather, it was created (by Americans!) to help share the burden of maintaining global peace and security. To be sure, sometimes other countries use the platform of the United Nations to advance issues that the United States disagrees with, but that is no reason to undermine the operations of the U.N. around the world,” he writes (1/26).