CDC Continues Efforts To Improve Health In U.S., Abroad

CDC’s “Our Global Voices”: CDC Protects People from Disease Threats and Outbreaks in the U.S. and Around the World
Carmen Villar, deputy director for policy and communications at the CDC’s Center for Global Health, discusses the agency’s efforts to improve global health, including efforts and partnerships to eradicate polio, detect and contain disease outbreaks, immunize children and adults, and ensure rapid response to outbreaks. Villar writes, “CDC’s values and guiding principles are the same as they’ve been from the beginning — working to protect Americans by rapidly detecting and containing new health threats anywhere in the world before they can come to the United States. The focus is on providing strong, effective public health systems and on training health care professionals who can identify outbreaks in their own countries to prevent those threats from crossing borders” (7/5).