Canada, Other Western Nations Should Commit To Ending AIDS

Edmonton Journal: Tuesday’s Editorial: End of AIDS is within reach
Editorial Board

“…The worldwide death toll from HIV/AIDS has been dropping since 2006, but the disease rages on in sub-Saharan Africa. Of the two million new cases estimated last year, 70 percent were in that region. … Efforts to eradicate [AIDS] by 2030 — the United Nations’ stated goal — must be centered on those hardest-hit regions of Africa. … Much of the funding that will avail treatment to all will surely have to emanate from western nations like Canada and the United States, countries with far lower HIV/AIDS mortality rates and corresponding levels of public awareness and urgency. It will take uncommon will to direct the necessary billions of dollars to some countries seen as unstable, even unimportant politically. But science and social responsibility make it a must” (7/21).

Globe and Mail: We can end AIDS, so let’s do it
James Orbinski, co-founder of Dignitas International and CIGI research chair and professor in global health at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, and Heather Johnston, president and CEO of Dignitas International

“…We must seize this opportunity to rapidly scale up HIV treatment programs and address the glaring inequities in access to health care between the global North and South. … Canada has touted its $3.5 billion pledge to improve the health of mothers, newborns, and children around the world, but tackling HIV and AIDS are seemingly absent from this promise. … The scientific and medical experts meeting [at the 2015 International AIDS Society conference] in Vancouver have done their part in showing us how to achieve what might be the most significant public health victory of our generation. We now call on the Canadian government to do its part and commit to funding the solutions that will bring this dark chapter in the world’s history to a close” (7/21).