Business Leaders Have Opportunity To Drive Further Progress In Women’s Health

Forbes: How Leaders Can Begin Redefining Women’s Health
Aarathi Singh, chief operating officer at MedGyn

“…[Women’s health] is a comprehensive subject of study that requires a specialized focus to treat disease states that are very nuanced to female biology. Failing to recognize this can limit innovation and make health care inequitable for women. … Defining women’s health appropriately is a critical precursor for business leaders and entrepreneurs to be able to prioritize it appropriately. … [I]nnovation requires focus, which is where business leaders and entrepreneurs disrupting the health care ecosystem are so critical. Our leadership can guide more focus, and in turn funding, that drives further progress in women’s health. In order for this to happen, there still needs to be greater recognition that health issues that impact women span categories of disease states, demographics, and even geographies. My advice to business leaders is: First, remember that women’s health is not one single issue or demographic. Second, focus on the problem that you are trying to solve. … Third, when it’s time to focus on a solution, technology is typically the answer, but remember not to over-innovate … Fourth, bring others onto the journey by partnering with key thought leaders. … Fifth, … funding is important to drive innovation. … [W]e need to continue to invest in this capital so that innovation in women’s health can thrive” (5/28).