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Bold Action Needed To Accelerate Efforts To Address Air Pollution

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Air pollution is a global health crisis we know how to solve
Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International

“…This week the World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting in Geneva for its first conference on the global air pollution health crisis. Medical professionals, health ministers, and researchers will convene for three days to talk through the problems. What people across the world are demanding most, however, are bold solutions to this crisis. … Of all the crises humanity faces, there are a few things about air pollution that are unique. Firstly, there is very little about this crisis which is unknown or mysterious. … We also know the solutions. … The demand is there. The means are at governments’ disposal. … But the scale of the crisis and the rewards of fixing it demand that we be bold and that we radically accelerate action on air pollution. The WHO needs to send this message to governments across the world, loud and clear” (10/29).