Blog Posts, Resources Address COVID-19 Policies, Maternal & Child Health, Other Pandemic-Related Issues

Center for Global Development: More Harm Than Good? The Net Impact of COVID-19 Policies Is What Matters for Health
Damian Walker, non-resident fellow at CGD, and colleagues (5/15).

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security: Filling in the Blanks: National Research Needs to Guide Decisions about Reopening Schools in the United States
Anita Cicero, deputy director at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, and colleagues (5/15).

Science Speaks: COVID-19: Lessons from the past can point the way forward
Bertha Serwa Ayi, adjunct assistant professor of medicine at the Kansas Health Sciences Center and an adjunct lecturer at the University of Development Studies in Ghana (5/17).

UNFPA West and Central Africa: Reproductive maternal neonatal and adolescent health in time of pandemics: lessons learned and practical guidance (May 2020).