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Bill Gates Addresses Global Response To Ebola

News outlets report on remarks by Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, on international efforts to address Ebola.

CQ HealthBeat News: Gates Predicts Ebola Epidemic Will Be Controlled
“Given a shot at criticizing U.S. leadership as being slow in countering the worsening Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Microsoft founder Bill Gates passed up the opportunity during a public appearance Monday, instead praising U.S. efforts and predicting the epidemic will be brought under control…” (Reichard, 9/29).

National Journal: Bill Gates: ‘Impressed’ With Global Ebola Response
“Bill Gates has a rare optimistic view of the global response to the Ebola outbreak currently ravaging West Africa. ‘I think it is quite impressive what’s being pulled together,’ Gates said of international efforts to fight the epidemic. ‘I do think we can get it under control’…” (Novack, 9/29).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Bill Gates warns Ebola could spread beyond West Africa
“It is impossible to guess whether world leaders have done enough to bring the Ebola epidemic under control, given the risks that it will spread to countries beyond West Africa, the technology billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates said on Monday…” (Dawson, 9/29).