Australia’s Family Planning Foreign Aid Halved, NGOs Call For Increase In Funding To Help Fill Gap Left By Trump Administration

The Guardian: Aid groups lambast Coalition for halving family planning foreign aid
“Aid groups have attacked the Australian government for slashing its foreign aid spending on family planning and urged it to fill a leadership void left by the Trump administration. Australia’s aid funding for family planning has halved from $46.4m in 2013/14 to AU$23.7m in 2015/16, according to new figures on the nation’s overseas development assistance budget…” (Knaus, 7/5).

RN Breakfast/ABC: Family planning foreign aid halved despite policy pledges, says women’s health charity
“…Marie Stopes International Australia says an analysis of DFAT foreign aid data shows while foreign aid spending is declining overall, spending on family planning as a proportion of that budget has shrunk further. It’s calling on the Turnbull government to significantly increase aid spending on family planning in the lead up to major World Health Organization summit in London…” (Extel, 7/5).