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Other Nations, Global Health Organizations Must Fill Gaps Left By Trump Administration Policies

The Lancet: The future of Trump’s global health agenda
Editorial Board

“…[U.S. President Donald Trump’s] ability to affect global health through non-legislative means remains vast. His record to date is not encouraging. … Just in the past year, Trump has begun pulling Ebola experts from the field, threatened to cut foreign aid to countries in Latin America over political disagreements, slashed funds to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and reduced other economic aid agency support, as well as [made] moves to curtail refugees and asylum seekers in the USA. … Trump has given ample evidence of his willingness to use global aid for political purposes … [L]ittle can constrain Trump’s moves within the Executive Branch, which makes it incumbent on other nations and global health organizations to resist the changes politically when they can — and step in to fill the gap left by America’s abandonment of global health and its ecological commitments” (11/17).