Australia Should Implement New Model For Health Workforce Training, Health Systems Strengthening

Development Policy Centre’s “DevPolicy Blog”: A new model of health workforce training
In a two-part series, Joel Negin, associate professor of international health and deputy head of school at the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, discusses ways Australia’s aid program and universities can invest in strengthening national health systems through workforce development and suggests using the U.S. Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) as a model for health workforce training (7/29).

Development Policy Centre’s “DevPolicy Blog”: Scale, value and innovation: a new model of health workforce training
In the second post, Negin writes, “…Australia could and should develop a new cost-effective, catalytic, large-scale program that can build national health systems, empower women, strengthen regional universities, and also make itself obsolete in a decade…” (7/30).