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Australia On Track To Eliminate Cervical Cancer Through National Vaccine, Screening Programs, Study Shows

CNN: Australia set to ‘eliminate’ cervical cancer by 2028
“Australia is set to be the first country to eliminate cervical cancer, aided by its national vaccination and screening programs, says a new study…” (Avramova, 10/3).

Newsweek: Cervical Cancer: Australia Set To Wipe Out Disease In 20 Years In World First
“…If current trends continue, by 2022, instances of cervical cancer are expected to fall to less than six in 100,000, and to four in 100,000 by 2035. The promising forecast is attributed to the successful rollout of national vaccine and screening programs, the authors said…” (Gander, 10/3).

New York Times: In Australia, Cervical Cancer Could Soon Be Eliminated
“…And by 2066, the researchers say, less than one woman per year could receive that diagnosis. ‘Australia is on track to become the first country to eliminate cervical cancer,’ said Karen Canfell, a cancer epidemiologist and the director of Cancer Research at Cancer Council NSW, the organization which led the study. ‘I think this shows the way forward for other countries’…” (Albeck-Ripka, 10/3).