To Effectively Respond To Humanitarian Crises, U.S. Senate Should Confirm Gayle Smith As USAID Administrator

The Hill: Time for the Senate to confirm Gayle Smith
John Prendergast, founding director of the Enough Project and co-founder of The Sentry

“…To address … global problems most effectively, USAID needs a strong and experienced leader. President Obama nominated such a leader on April 30, when he asked development and national security expert Gayle Smith to lead USAID. … The ability of the U.S. to contribute to addressing [the Syrian refugee crisis and other humanitarian crises] is constrained by the lack of top-level leadership at USAID. … U.S. leaders and policymakers must turn their attention to the refugee crisis now confronting the Middle East and Europe. This includes confirming Smith and allowing her to lead USAID…” (9/18).