With Upcoming G7 Presidency, Japan Committed To Galvanizing ‘Renewed Momentum For Global Health’

The Lancet: Japan’s vision for a peaceful and healthier world
Shinzo Abe, prime minster of Japan

“…Japan’s global health priorities are to construct a global health architecture that can respond to public health crises and to build resilient and sustainable health systems. To realize these goals, Japan has endorsed two new global health strategies: the Basic Design for Peace and Health4 and the Basic Guidelines for Strengthening Measures on Emerging Infectious Diseases. I would like to underline the importance of these priorities and foster succinct and relevant discussions during our G7 presidency in 2016. … In a world more interconnected than ever before, leaders must strive to unite rather than divide, and enhance human security and peace through the pursuit of health and wellbeing for all. With the G7 presidency in 2016, Japan is determined to contribute further to galvanize renewed momentum for global health so that all people can receive the basic quality services they need, and are protected from health threats, without financial hardship…” (12/12).