G7 Leaders Should Prioritize Gender Equality, Make Commitments To Women’s, Girl’s Health, Education, Empowerment

Devex: Opinion: Rewriting the headlines for gender equality
Joannie Marlene Bewa, founder of the Young Beninese Leaders Association

“…[W]e have the power to make gender equality a reality in my lifetime. … We have the resources to ensure women and girls can access the health, education, and societal opportunities they need to thrive. … We need implementation and accountability at every level — from the G7 and African Union leaders to our community leaders. This summer, there is a crucial milestone where we can achieve success: the G7 summit. As the G7 leaders gather in France to discuss combating inequalities, we need them to know the world is watching … and that the world is hungry for progress, not promises. This week, I will join six other activists from around the world at the Women Deliver conference to present the agenda we want to see from the G7 leaders. … We will push those leaders to make real commitments on women and girls’ health, education, and empowerment, with real political will and money behind them. … This year, let’s make the G7 stand for gender…” (6/4).