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Article Examines Impact Of NTDs On Children’s Lives

The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases’ “End the Neglect” blog describes some of the impacts neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) can have on the lives of children, including chronic pain, scarring and fatigue. “As a new Archives of Disease in Childhood article, ‘Global trends in neglected tropical disease control and elimination: impact on child health,’ by Global Network’s Drs. Gregory Simon and Neeraj Mistry, Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Dr. Peter Hotez and Baylor College of Medicine’s Meagan Barry, reveals, millions of children living in extreme poverty are suffering from the grave impact described above because NTD control programs, including mass drug administration (MDA), have not yet treated even close to the targeted percentage of at risk people,” the blog notes, and highlights “some of the staggering facts they point out for the NTDs most common in children.” However, “the authors are optimistic that we ‘may be able to reduce or eliminate the tremendous NTD disease burden in children globally,'” the blog states (Elson, 6/26).