Article Examines Effect Of Donor Funding Through Gavi, Other Channels On Vaccine Coverage In LMICs

Vaccine: Effect of donor funding for immunization from Gavi and other development assistance channels on vaccine coverage: Evidence from 120 low and middle income recipient countries
In this online article, researchers from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and Department of Global Health “estimate the impact of Gavi support for vaccines and health systems strengthening on vaccine coverage for 3 dose DPT, 3 dose pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 3 dose pentavalent, 2 dose measles and 2 dose rotavirus vaccines” and “investigate the same effects of total aid for immunization from other channels of development assistance.” The authors write, “Our analysis suggests substantial success both from a historical and prospective perspective in the implementation of global immunization initiatives thus far. As more vaccines are rolled out and countries transition from donor aid, strategies for fiscal sustainability and efficiency need to be strengthened in order to achieve universal immunization coverage” (11/1).