Amid Pandemic, More Girls At Risk Of FGM; New Outbreak In Beijing Tops 100 Cases; New Zealand Records 2 Cases In Travelers; U.K. Begins Vaccine Trial; Model Predicts 200K Deaths In U.S. By October


The Guardian: Why coronavirus has placed millions more girls at risk of FGM (Hodal, 6/16).

New York Times: Coronavirus Accelerates Across Africa (Maclean, 5/16).

Reuters: Nigerian doctors strike for better benefits during coronavirus crisis (Sotunde et al., 6/15).

Scientific American: African Countries Scramble to Ramp up Testing for COVID-19 (Wild, 6/16).

The Telegraph: As South Africa’s draconian lockdown is relaxed, cases begin to soar (Brown, 6/15).

VOA News: In Cameroon, Social Media Used to Fight Misinformation (Nzouankeu, 6/15).

Xinhua: African children remain under siege from COVID-19: UNICEF (6/16).


AP: Beijing expands lockdowns as cases top 100 in new outbreak (Moritsugu, 6/16).

CNBC: WHO calls for more ‘systematic, exhaustive investigation’ on clusters in response to Beijing outbreak (Kim, 6/15).

New York Times: Coronavirus Breaches Chinese Capital, Rattling Officials (Buckley/Wang, 6/15).

Reuters: China’s new virus outbreak needs further testing after ‘hypothesis’ on cause: WHO (Farge/Nebehay, 6/15).

Reuters: New Zealand no longer free of coronavirus as two women test positive (Menon, 6/15).

VICE: Fearing a Post-COVID Baby Boom, Indonesia Is Making a Lot of Noise About Contraception. Literally (Hastanto/Poa, 6/15).

Wall Street Journal: New Covid-19 Outbreak in China Rattles Beijing (Hua et al., 6/15).

Washington Post: Beijing carries out mass testing as coronavirus spreads in the Chinese capital (Fifield, 6/15).


AP: U.K. begins coronavirus vaccine trial; France pledges funding (Cheng/Charlton, 6/16).

The Guardian: Coronavirus vaccine trial by Imperial College London begins (6/15).

Reuters: Germany launches coronavirus app as E.U. eyes travel revival (Busvine, 6/16).


New Humanitarian: Hard lessons from COVID-19 on looking after the dead (Dupraz-Dobias, 6/15).

Reuters: Coronavirus deaths near 44,000 in Brazil, No.2 global hotspot (Fonseca et al., 6/15).


AP: Saudis see high hopes for 2020 upended by pandemic (Batrawy, 6/16).

AP: Turkey makes masks compulsory in 42 provinces after uptick (6/16).


The Hill: Trump on coronavirus: ‘If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any’ (Weixel, 6/15).

New York Times: Pence Misleadingly Blames Coronavirus Spikes on Rise in Testing (Rogers/Martin, 6/15).

Reuters: New projection puts U.S. COVID-19 deaths at over 200,000 by October (Hay, 6/15).

Reuters: Cuban doctors may stay longer in Mexico if coronavirus cases keep rising (Oré, 6/15).

Reuters: U.S. airlines threaten to ban passengers who refuse to wear masks (Rucinski/Shepardson, 6/15).

Washington Post: Fed leaders urge Congress to spend more because ‘we can’t wait 10 years for recovery to reach everyone’ (Long, 6/15).

Washington Post: Volunteers sign up to put their lives on the line for a coronavirus vaccine (Guarino/Johnson, 6/15).