Aid Community Variously Affected By Government Shutdown, Devex Reports

“The immediate impact of a government shutdown on U.S. foreign aid programs is expected to be minimal, and guidance given to implementing partners suggests that almost all grants and contracts will continue to be funded for the foreseeable future,” Devex reports. “A longer-term shutdown, though, could delay payments to contractors and may especially impact personal services contractors, according to Alan Chvotkin, executive vice president and counsel at the Professional Services Council, a group representing government contractors,” the news service writes. Devex says operations at the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the federal Food for Peace program would continue because they do not depend on annual appropriations, “[b]ut not all foreign aid programs spearheaded by other government agencies would be so lucky.” The news service adds, “For many with a stake in U.S. aid, the only reasonable option appears to be to forge ahead in the hope that the government shutdown will be short-lived” (Stephens, 10/1).