Devex Examines How U.S. Government Shutdown Impacting Development Organizations

Devex: How is the U.S. government shutdown impacting development?
“…Most [development organizations contacted by Devex] said the shutdown, now in its fourth week, has had limited effect on their work so far, although with many employees furloughed from U.S. government agencies that work on development, smaller staffs are trying to process some requests. The approval process has been slow, and it is difficult to find anyone to respond to questions about open requests for proposals. … But while impacts are not severe yet — in part due to the fact that the shutdown began just before the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season — they will be felt more as the shutdown continues. In addition to slowed processes, the shutdown and the uncertain budget environment may erode the trust of U.S. partners, make recruiting harder in some countries, and be undermining U.S. leadership, some development leaders told Devex…” (Saldinger, 1/16).