African Nations Take Measures To Prevent Ebola’s Spread Across Their Borders

News outlets report on African nations’ measures to prevent the spread of Ebola.

Agence France-Presse: Senegal closes border as U.N. warns on Ebola flare-up
“Senegal has become the latest country to seal its border with a West African neighbor to ward off the deadly Ebola virus, as the new U.N. pointman on the epidemic said preparations must be made for a possible flare-up of the disease…” (Ettaba/Dosso, 8/22).

Reuters: South Africa bans travelers entering from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone
“South Africa said on Thursday that due to fears over the spread of the Ebola virus it was banning travelers from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone from entering the country, apart from its own citizens…” (8/21).

Reuters: Africa tightens Ebola travel curbs as affected countries face food shortages
“African countries tightened travel curbs on Thursday in an effort to contain the Ebola outbreak, ignoring World Health Organization warnings that such measures could heighten shortages of food and basic supplies in affected areas…” (MacDougall, 8/21).

VOA News: South Sudan Steps Up Guard Against Ebola
“Health officials in Juba have stepped up efforts to ensure the deadly Ebola virus does not spread to South Sudan. Armed with thermometers and notepads, a team of health officials has set up shop in tents that have been pitched just meters away from where planes land at Juba’s busy international airport…” (Rwakaringi, 8/20).