African Nations Seek Homegrown Solutions To Pandemic; U.K. Looks To Ease Lockdown; Haiti Faces Humanitarian Crisis As COVID-19 Hits; Russia Now 3rd In Global Case Numbers


AP: African nations seek their own solutions in virus crisis (Petesch et al., 5/11).

Bloomberg: How Ebola Helped Africa Prepare for Coronavirus (Bax et al., 5/8).

Reuters: Second wave of COVID-19 cases sweeps Senegal’s holy city (Van Der Perre/Prentice, 5/11).

Reuters: Zambia seeks IMF funding to help soften impact of coronavirus (Mfula, 5/10).

Reuters: Madagascar coronavirus herbal mix draws demand from across Africa despite WHO misgivings (Rabary et al., 5/8).

Reuters: Ghana records over 500 coronavirus cases at industrial facility (Akorlie/Ross, 5/8).

Washington Post: As coronavirus spreads in Egypt, Sissi sees opportunity to tighten his grip (Raghavan, 5/10).


Reuters: Plastic piles up in Thailand as pandemic efforts sideline pollution fight (Tanakasempipat/Stanway, 5/11).

Reuters: South Korea scrambles to contain nightclub coronavirus outbreak (Shin/Smith, 5/10).


New York Times: Europe’s Battle-Hardened Nations Show Resilience in Virus Fight (Stevis-Gridneff, 5/10).

NPR: Boris Johnson Outlines Plan To Ease Coronavirus Restrictions In U.K. (Hagemann, 5/10).

Reuters: Coronavirus cases surge in Russia, tally now third highest globally (Osborn, 5/11).


NPR: Haitian Doctor Says This Is The Worst Epidemic He’s Faced (Beaubien, 5/8).

Reuters: Latin America’s indigenous shield elderly ‘cultural guardians’ from coronavirus (Garrison et al., 5/11).

Reuters: Biggest threat to Brazil coronavirus response? President Bolsonaro, says The Lancet (McGeever/Eisenhammer, 5/8).

U.N. News: ‘Humanitarian catastrophe’ looms in Haiti, threatening years of progress as COVID-19 takes hold, ECOSOC group says (5/8).

Washington Post: While other countries look to open up, Brazil can’t find a way to shut down (McCoy, 5/10).


AFP: Iran warns of virus resurgence after 51 new deaths (5/10).

Al Jazeera: WHO orders staff to cease work in Yemen’s Houthi-held areas (5/10).

AP: Saudi Arabia triples taxes, cuts $26B in costs amid pandemic (Batrawy, 5/11).


AP: Pandemic creates electoral uncertainty for Trump, Democrats (Peoples/Beaumont, 5/11).

The Atlantic: There’s One Big Reason the U.S. Economy Can’t Reopen (Meyer, 5/8).

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New York Times: For Canada, Finding a Vaccine Will Only Be Part of the Equation (Austen, 5/8).