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Addressing Antibiotic Resistance Requires ‘Multi-Prong, Global Approach’

The Hill: Antimicrobial resistance is an urgent, global crisis
Cynthia Sears, president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“…Americans are right to be concerned that the antibiotic treatments that ushered in the era of modern medicine are losing their power to stop infections. … [A]ntimicrobial resistance is not our problem alone, but a global problem with disastrous ramifications. If we do not begin to address antimicrobial resistance around the world … we will not win. Americans recognize and have voiced the need to confront antimicrobial resistance across the board. It is now time for government, industry, and innovators to show they have been heard. A multi-prong and global approach — with strong stewardship to protect the antibiotics we have and the ones to come, incentives to ensure that development of new antibiotics meets our patients’ needs, and investment in research and public health initiatives — is necessary to turn the tide against antibiotic resistance” (11/13).