Action, Funding Needed To Alleviate Cholera In Haiti

New York Times: Haiti in the Shadow of Cholera
“…The United Nations is in an awkward spot in this crisis. It has been blamed for bringing cholera to Haiti in the first place, through its negligent soldiers who contaminated a river with their sewage. Because it has steadfastly refused to accept responsibility, it is a tarnished advocate, begging donors to send money that they have gotten tired of giving. But even if the conscience of the world [is] no longer shocked by Haitian sickness and deaths, the Haitian people still need the world’s help. At current rates, officials expect 45,000 people to contract cholera this year. In what other country would such a vast and preventable tragedy be tolerated, with little more than wrung hands, empty promises and underfinanced plans?” (4/23).