Access To Family Planning Critical For Women’s Economic Empowerment, CGD Experts Say

Center for Global Development’s “Global Health Policy Blog”: Women’s Economic Empowerment Means Access to Family Planning Too
Amanda Glassman, chief operating officer and senior fellow at CGD, and Rachel Silverman, CGD senior policy analyst, write, “The development community was abuzz with a co-authored column in the Financial Times this week; Ivanka Trump and Jim Yong Kim teamed up to make the case for more aid in support of greater women’s economic participation and earnings. … But there is one intervention omitted from Ivanka and Jim’s must-do list: access to family planning as a pre-requisite and enabler of women’s economic empowerment.” Glassman and Silverman discuss how access to contraceptive methods contributes to women’s economic empowerment, concluding, “If genuinely committed to promoting women’s economic empowerment, we hope the [Trump] administration reconsiders cuts to the U.S. voluntary family planning program at USAID…” (4/27).