Investment In Women Can Help Grow Global Economy, Provide Social, Health Benefits To Families, Communities

Financial Times: Investment in women unleashes global gains
Ivanka Trump, first daughter of the U.S., and Jim Kim, president of the World Bank Group

“…Only 55 percent of women participate in the paid labor force globally and they continue to be an untapped source of growth. This is an invaluable asset with proven returns, but we have not invested the resources to unleash women’s full potential. The evidence is overwhelming that supporting women’s economic participation has enormous dividends for families, communities, and whole economies. … Beyond the economic impact, studies show that women tend to allocate more of their income to food, health care, and education — in short, goods that benefit their children and have multiplier effects for generations. … Policy leaders, executives, economists, and other academics all agree that one of the most powerful ways to grow the global economy is to expand the role of women in business. Our challenge now is to work together — in public and private sectors — to move decisively to invest in women worldwide” (4/24).