Access To Contraception, Family Planning Services Can Improve Girls’ Education, Working Paper Shows

The Economist: Contraception does even more good in poor countries than thought
“Few tasks in developing countries are as tricky — or as important — as convincing parents to keep their daughters in school longer. One way of doing so is to make contraceptives available, concludes a new working paper by Kimberly Singer Babiarz at Stanford University and four other researchers…” (12/7).

Romper: Access To Contraception Benefits Girls — Even If They’re Not Using It, New Study Finds
“…As it turns out, in areas where family planning was readily available even during girls’ younger, non-fertile years, girls were less likely to drop out of school before entering secondary school. This wasn’t due to their use of contraceptives, since they weren’t yet adolescents — instead, it seems, parents were more willing to invest in girls when there was a higher likelihood of them being more successful later on…” (Moller, 12/7).