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About 1 Child Dies Every 2 Minutes Of Malaria; African Nations Bear Greatest Burden

PolitiFact: Malaria’s toll: Close to one African child killed every 2 minutes
“A grim statistic is circulating this World Malaria Day. USAID’s Tina Dooley-Jones, deputy mission director in Kenya, marked the occasion in Nairobi saying that ‘globally, malaria kills a child every two minutes.’ … One organization claimed a child died every 30 seconds, another said once every two minutes, and in between was [Rear Admiral Tim] Ziemer’s figure. … In this fact-check, we affirm that the correct number is closer to once every two minutes. … As a humanitarian matter, the exact death toll makes little difference. This table from the Kaiser Family Foundation, using World Health Organization data, clearly shows that Africa bears the greatest burden of malaria…” (Greenberg, 4/25).