7 Innovations That Would Greatly Impact Global Health

The Guardian: Seven breakthroughs that will transform global health
Shashi Buluswar, executive director at the Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

“…Working with more than 1,000 experts, we have analyzed where new technologies can make a game-changing difference in the fields of global health, food security and agriculture, education, human rights, the digital divide, access to water, gender equity, access to electricity, and resilience against climate change. Focusing on global health, the most important breakthroughs we have identified are: 1. HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis (TB) vaccines; 2. Short-course TB treatments; 3. Microbicides to protect women against HIV/AIDS and human papillomavirus (HPV); 4. A drug that completely cures malaria; 5. A tool to diagnose several diseases; 6. Temperature-change-safe vaccines; 7. Solar-powered devices for maternal, child, and primary health care…” (12/17).