6 Actions To Offer Hope, Ease Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen

Devex: Opinion: 6 actions to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen
Alexander Matheou, executive director for international at the British Red Cross

“…Yemen is back in the news again, amid reported efforts to enforce a ceasefire. Even for Yemen experts, the consequences of those events on the humanitarian crisis are hard to predict. In the face of such uncertainty, it is easy to feel helpless but there are actions that must be taken to help alleviate the crisis. First, we must continue to fund humanitarian assistance in Yemen and advocate for other governments to do the same. … Second, we must support the import of essential items that maintain food security and health care in Yemen. … Third, work with all parties to promote safe access for neutral and impartial humanitarian organizations … Fourth, work with all parties to encourage respect for international humanitarian law, with an emphasis on the principles of proportionality and precaution. … Fifth, do everything possible to ensure that salaries of public sector workers are paid so that essential services can continue to run. … Sixth, keep an open and active dialogue with all parties and encourage the parties to commit to the agreement reached in Stockholm during the peace talks consultations…” (8/1).