5 Organizational Changes Needed To Achieve Global Water Security

The Guardian: Water security for all? We need these five organizational changes
Nick Hepworth, director of Water Witness International

“The global water crisis is not driven by absolute water scarcity, but by a scarcity of governance: there’s enough water to go around, we just need to get better at managing it. To meet the sixth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) we must learn from stagnation in the sector and make sure that water institutions — policies, laws, organizations, and their financing frameworks — actually deliver the goods. If we don’t adopt fresh approaches to debug this institutional software, the global water goal — and the many SDG targets underpinned by better water management — will remain a mirage. Some of the priorities for change are: 1. Evidence-based action, not sector folklore … 2. Accountability and system change, not sticking plasters … 3. Credible water stewardship, not bluewash … 4. Collaborative donor action, not competition … 5. Capacity building, not demolition … Global goals and targets might come and go but the pressing needs for improved water management in the real world don’t change. Let’s make sure that the ways we deliver it do” (7/19).