Investing In Water Management Vital To Achieving Water Security

Devex: Opinion: We rely on water for everything we need. Why don’t we manage it that way?
Betsy Otto, director of WRI’s Global Water Program

“…Water is a vital input for everything people do, from food production to energy extraction to supporting hygiene and health. Although there are water challenges on the horizon, we shouldn’t throw our hands up in defeat. There is reason for hope and cause for action on water challenges. Managing water like the essential substance that it is can help achieve water security. [The following are three] steps toward water security: 1. Take a water inventory … 2. Align water management with growth … 3. Invest in good water management … While it’s true that 2019 will be another year where water is a top risk, it’s not too late to change course. Water can become a top priority if we begin managing it like it’s the most important substance in the world — because it is” (1/24).