3 Ways To Save Time, Control Costs When Responding To Infectious Diseases

The Hill: Infectious diseases can be tackled, here are 3 solutions
Robert C. Bollinger, professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and founder of emocha

“Time is the greatest enemy in the treatment of any disease. The amount of time that passes before a patient is diagnosed, then how much longer it takes for that person to get connected to care, begin treatment, and so on. This could mean the difference between lives saved or lost and costs contained or uncontrolled. … There are three ways that time can be saved to better address both known and unknown infectious diseases. 1. Recognize the disease as soon as possible. … 2. Implement preventive and treatment strategies … 3. Adherence and comply with treatments laid out … We must … support greater investment in the global research and public health capacity to diagnose, access, and adhere to prevention and care for infectious diseases, as soon as possible” (5/9).