COVID-19 Pandemic Disrupting Efforts To Prevent Other Infectious Diseases

AFP: Millions at risk from known diseases as focus shifts to COVID-19
“As COVID-19 deaths climb ever higher in Europe and the United States, millions of lives are at risk in developing nations where lockdowns and overwhelmed medical systems are disrupting vital testing, vaccination, and treatment for other killer diseases…” (5/7).

New Humanitarian: Yes, COVID-19. But what about other infectious diseases?
“…Everyone from global health policymakers in Geneva, to national health ministries, to field level health workers is being forced into difficult trade-offs: how do you maintain immunization and infectious disease treatments even as significant resources and existing infrastructures are re-geared towards addressing COVID-19? As they redraw priorities, decision-makers must also vie for limited sources of funding, all at a time when the world is facing difficult economic conditions without parallel…” (Patnaik, 5/6).