Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries: How the House and Senate Prescription Drug Bills Address Their Drug Needs

The House and Senate versions of a Medicare prescription drug bill treat the drug costs of those dually-eligible for Medicare and Medicaid and other low-income Medicare beneficiaries quite differently. The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured cosponsored a policy briefing on the key issues in the two bills that would impact low-income beneficiaries and released a brief and background report on the topic.

A Prescription Drug Benefit in Medicare: Implications for Medicaid and Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries Issue Brief

Presentation Slides (.pdf)

Background Paper: The Proposed Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit: A Detailed Review of Implications for Dual Eligibles and Other Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries

Dual Enrollees: Medicaid's Role for Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries fact sheet

The Medicaid Drug Benefit: Highlights from the KCMU 2003 Survey of the States (.pdf)

Medicaid Matters for Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries: A Video

View a webcast of this policy briefing

Full side-by-side comparison of the full House and Senate Medicare prescription drug bills