Zika Will Have Moderate Economic Impact In LAC, World Bank Says, Makes $150M Available Immediately

News outlets report on the World Bank’s initial projections for Zika’s impact in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as an announcement the bank would make $150 million available immediately.

Associated Press: World Bank sees modest economic drag from Zika
“The spread of Zika will have a modest drag on economies in Latin America, with tourism-dependent Caribbean nations most at risk, the World Bank said Thursday. It made $150 million immediately available to help fight the virus…” (Goodman, 2/18).

The Hill: World Bank: Zika to cost at least $3.5B
“The World Bank on Thursday warned that the spread of the Zika virus across Latin America and the Caribbean is expected to cost those regions about $3.5 billion in forgone economic output…” (Ferris, 2/18).

Wall Street Journal: World Bank Calculates Zika’s Economic Cost in Latin America
“…The figure represents only 0.06 percent of gross domestic product of the region’s countries, but those that are most highly dependent on tourism could experience losses of more than one percent of GDP, according to the bank…” (Lewis/Magalhaes, 2/18).

Washington Post: World Bank announces $150 million to fight Zika outbreak
“…The [$150 million in] funding, being made available immediately, comes after extensive consultations with governments in the region, the bank said in a statement. The bank said it could provide additional financing if needed…” (Dennis/Sun, 2/18).

Washington Times: World Bank extends $150 million for Zika fight
“… ‘Our analysis underscores the importance of urgent action to halt the spread of the Zika virus and to protect the health and well-being of people in the affected countries,’ bank President Jim Yong Kim said. ‘The World Bank Group stands ready to support the countries affected by this health crisis and to provide additional support if needed’…” (Howell, 2/18).