Zika Viral Infection Linked To Birth Defects In Brazilian Infants, Health Officials Say

Associated Press: Brazil links dengue-like virus to birth defects in babies
“The dengue-like Zika virus has been linked for the first time to cases of babies being born with small heads, or microcephaly, Brazil’s government said. … Researchers with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are coming soon at the request of Brazil’s government to study the link between the rare neurological condition and Zika…” (Licon, 11/29).

Reuters: Brazil confirms Zika virus link to fetal brain-damage outbreak
“…The link between Zika, first medically identified as a new disease half a century ago, and birth defects has never been made. Initial analysis shows that the virus can be passed to a fetus and that the fetus is at greatest risk from the virus during the first three months of pregnancy, the statements said. More tests and studies are needed to clarify the exact method of transmission and infection, the statement added…” (Blount, 11/29).