Zika Epidemic Possibly Peaked In Brazil, Could Be Over in 1-3 Years, Study Shows

The Guardian: Zika epidemic has peaked and may run its course within 18 months, say experts
“The Zika virus epidemic in Latin America is likely to run its course within the next 18 months, according to a study by researchers in the U.K. and U.S…” (Davis, 7/14).

Reuters: Zika outbreak to end in two to three years, scientists predict
“…The researchers, whose work is published in the journal Science, estimated that infections from the mosquito-borne virus will become so widespread in affected countries that populations will develop what is called ‘herd immunity’…” (Steenhuysen, 7/14).

STAT: Could the Zika threat in Latin America be over in 1-2 years?
“…If these estimates are right, they represent good news and bad news. Women trying to hold off on getting pregnant because of the risk Zika poses to fetuses may have to wait less time before they can try to have children. But a quick departure will make it tough for scientists to develop a Zika vaccine: if Zika virus isn’t circulating, you cannot prove a vaccine protects against it…” (Branswell, 7/14).

USA TODAY: Zika outbreak may have peaked in Brazil, researchers say
“…Researcher Karin Nielsen, who is conducting a study of pregnant women infected by Zika in Rio de Janeiro, said she and her colleagues haven’t diagnosed the virus in a pregnant woman since April. … Zika seems to have been replaced in Rio by another mosquito-borne virus, called chikungunya, Nielsen said…” (Szabo, 7/14).