World Unprepared For Another Ebola-Type Outbreak, Researchers Warn

CBS News: “We are not ready”: Experts warn world is unprepared for next Ebola-size outbreak
“Is the world ready to defend against the next big infectious disease outbreak? It’s one of the biggest threats humanity could face. But experts who have reviewed reports on the global response to the massive Ebola outbreak that swept through West African countries for two years starting in 2014 say we’re ‘grossly underprepared’ to handle a similar health crisis. A team headed by Dr. Suerie Moon, director of research at the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, published their findings from a review of seven major post-Ebola reports in the medical journal The BMJ at the end of January. The team concluded that, while progress has clearly been made by the world’s governments and the World Health Organization (WHO), for instance, there are gaps that could still leave millions of people at risk…” (Mastroianni, 3/16).